How Do You Stay Alert?

Dear Travelers,

Today is Thursday, a day to celebrate the LORD who provides what we need according to His lovingkindness. I have recently begun reading through the letter of James in the Greek NT and have been both encouraged by how much I remember while being challenged to learn afresh the vocabulary and grammar of this wonderful, descriptive language.

Oh, and the letter of James isn’t bad either. 

Here’s my point: by reading James in Greek, the Lord is teaching me the blessing of faithfulness. I am reading Greek again in order to keep my mind sharp, my heart tender and my spirit keen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. I am reading James in Greek because doing so helps me stay alert.

Now my reading through James in Greek could be your daily reading of Scripture, or a familiar devotional such as My Utmost for His Highest (Chambers), Morning and Evening (Spurgeon), Solid Joys (Piper). It could be your time of daily prayer or writing in your journal. Whatever it is that keeps your mind sharp, your heart tender and your spirit keen to the voice of the Holy Spirit, then be faithful to that discipline. Such things help the Spirit till the soil of our soul, turning it over so that truth once planted can reap a harvest of worship, trust/obedience and service to the glory of God.

So let us strive to be faithful as God is faithful. Today is a day of provision and we praise God for His great grace and lavish lovingkindness.

You think about that.

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